Message From Director

Dear parents,
We are pleased to have the opportunity of looking after physical fitness, mental growth, alertness, emotional sensitivity, spiritual awakening of your dear child. We assure you that this temple of learning will do all in its might and inculcate in your ward an urge of continuous quest for love, beauty, truth, faith and justice in everyday life and capacity to discover his/her genuine needs and those of the social land natural environments. But it needs no mention that this noble aim cannot be achieved without your cooperation. Let us get going right from now onwards for the achievement of this noble aim. The teachers, the parents, the adults are all there to help you in developing a lasting habit of self-learning process. One needs to attain confidence in one’s own abilities. This could be achieved only by independent pursuit. Too much dependence on elders leads oneself to a state of inertia. We would like to see you grow independently.

My best wishes to you.

Vikas Sharma