The school is divided into three wings as mentioned below

Pre Primary Wing: i.e. Nursery, KG.
Primary Wing: Classes I-V.
Middle Wing: Classes VI-VIII.


A child is similar to a small plant in many ways. Just like a plant develops its basic roots from a tiny seed when it gets the right nourishment similarly in the Developing roots, which is the first learning level at northland the child develops basic roots of learning. It is here that the child’s roots are nurtured and nourished.
Age eligibility for the admission in the nursery is between 3 to 4 years.

Kinder Garden (KG)

This level consist of two terms i.e. I & II. This learning level, ascertains that by the time the child is ready to move out our formative learning centre, he has developed strong roots, and is ready to fly into the world outside and widen his horizons of learning.
A child is in age group of 4 to 5 years is eligible for seeking admission in the Kinder Garden.


Admissions in the Kinder Garden classes will be done after the informal observation test and a meeting with the parents whereas admissions for class I onwards will be done on the basis of performance in previous class and qualifying the entrance test followed by a meeting with the student and both the parents. However, the school reserves the right to admit a student to the class he/she is found eligible for.


Assessment is a process through, which we record our pupils performance and achievements. The pre-primary students are evaluated on the basis of their daily class performance ad activities.
Every quarterly the children are evaluated by Unit Tests followed by regular class testes for classes I and II
Quarterly the unit test followed by half yearly and finals are to be taken from the students of classes III to VIII. Half yearly will be held in the month of September and Finals to be held in month of March.